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Whether your challenges center around complex logistics, data management issues, or a cost spiral in your supply chain, we can help.

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We deliver the solutions you need to optimize costs and efficiency, stay ahead of competitor, and keep your customers happy.

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Our main concern is to offer personalized services and solutions to current global and local problems, integrating services with our experience and through our strategic allies.

Quality Policy

At Supplink we are committed to ensuring the highest level of customer service in each of our activities and we recognize the need to ensure consistency and best practices throughout the organization. Supplink is committed to a quality culture. We are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers by including an integrated company-wide quality management system that continually ensures satisfaction and repeat business through our satisfied customers.


Logistics has always been my passion. From my childhood I improved logistics processes in my head, very simple things like going to the supermarket, a car wash or entering / leaving a parking lot, they had my attention because for me, they were logistics issues and my mental challenge was to improve them.

The university was the first approach I had with logistics, a reality check where one learns tools to make decisions, solve problems and have logical bases to improve processes. However, few things within this area are learned within a classroom. Specialized subjects of foreign trade such as Incoterms, Pedimentos, BL’s, etc., are the theory and tools that the school offers you, but solving real logistical challenges requires practice in the field.

My true mentors were large companies such as Laboratorios Pisa, where my work was very “simple”, delivering what the client wanted when he wanted it, how he wanted it and with the least possible company resources. What you had to achieve was a balance between service level and cost. Selecting the perfect gears to achieve a smooth, error-free process at the lowest possible cost and provide a great customer experience were our goals. My first tasks as a professional were in the area of ​​customer distribution: from the order process, route scheduling, material preparation, loading, and delivery, to the operation of new distribution centers, always focused on making timely deliveries to other companies. One day I ran into a new challenge, the delivery of dialysis. An error in these deliveries affected the life of a human being, poor planning could seriously affect someone’s health. I learned the importance of a sense of urgency and customer service.

The second great moment of my career was when I was part of the purchasing area of ​​one of the largest forestry companies in the world, Arauco. Here I faced a new market, new priorities, new lead times, but most importantly, always being several steps ahead of the organization. I had one eye worried about the end of the month, and the other one 3 or 4 months ahead, I always lived in the future. In this company, I dealt with gigantic volumes, which implied little margin of error due to space issues. My greatest learning within this company was working in a team with the sales department, understanding what hurts them and how to help them meet the needs of the client.

After this short but intense interaction with the logistics world, I decided to specialize. I migrated to Barcelona, ​​the second-largest commercial port in Europe and a gateway between Europe, Asia and Africa. Upon obtaining my Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management, my focus changed completely, that’s when I discovered my mission: to help companies optimize and generate value through their supply chain. Understanding the impact of supply chain decisions in an income statement has led me to know how our clients’ companies think from various perspectives, achieving more forceful results and in less time.

My experience abroad allowed me to observe first-class operations and from there it was very clear. To help my clients optimize resources to deliver their product and/or services on time, and generate added value for their clients is my passion.

Contributing my bit to make Mexico the largest logistics HUB in Latin America is my vision. My great vehicle to achieve this is Supplink, a company where we seek that our clients can save money and generate competitive advantages while developing new solutions for national and international markets.

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